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Accepting New Clients September 2020 

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“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.”

Dr. Brene Brown


About Me

Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

Hello there!
Welcome. Thank you for taking time to visit my website. For many of you this may be your biggest and/or first step towards your healing and I recognize the courage and vulnerability it has taken to get you to this very moment. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your growth process. 
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chika Hooper, Ph.D. and I am a Florida licensed psychologist born and raised in the beautiful capital city, Tallahassee, FL. 
I earned my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia and have many years of experience working with individuals in various clinical settings. Over the course of my career I have provided individual, group, and couples counseling to clients at Florida A&M University, University of South Florida, Kennesaw State University, and the James A. Haley Veteran Hospital in Tampa, FL. Prior to entering my doctoral program, I earned a Master’s of Education in Mental Health Counseling from Florida A&M University.
The culmination of these experiences has shaped my social justice lens and specialization in minority mental health with an emphasis on stress, adjustment, anxiety, and depression. I recognize the unique life circumstances presented everyday and understand first hand the value of having someone who seeks to understand your life's most vulnerable concerns. The road  to a better healthier you is yours however I am willing to be right there empowering you and offering you the tools for your success every step of the way.
Are you ready?



Together We Can


Free 10 Minute Phone Consultation

Here For You

Are you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the best next steps of your life?  

In the midst of these struggles are you aware that something has to change? 

Have you questioned whether counseling is right for you?

Finding the right therapist can be difficult. A 15 minute phone consultation is a great cost-free first step towards getting to know a little bit about each other. During this conversation we can clarify your needs and determine whether I am the most suitable psychologist for you.

Private One-on-One Counseling

A Happier, Healthier You

Therapy can feel similar to having a conversation with a close peer, yet in counseling the series and nature of these conversations are intentional, purposeful, and goal oriented. Our discussions may focus on self-compassion and true self-acceptance; coping to improve your quality of life; and vulnerability, not as a weakness, but as a core strength. Or perhaps honoring your resilience and committing yourself to discover new thoughts, skills, and behaviors conducive to your goals. As a result of these meaningful conversations you leave feeling more self-aware and empowered to be the best version of you.

Let's work collaboratively to approach your struggle with intention, resolve your internal conflict, and emerge as a whole, improved person. You no longer have to do this work by yourself. Let’s change your life together.


Virtual Counseling

Bringing Quality Care To You

Sometimes after recognizing our need for additional support and then taking steps to investigate therapy resources close to us, we experience unexpected barriers to accessing these services in our communities. Or some individuals like yourself may live an on-the-go lifestyle preventing in which face to face counseling sessions are not possible due to time restraints.   
Whatever your barriers are to accessing quality therapy services upon request, I am open to offering virtual counseling to minimize these hurdles. Virtual counseling services are provided through a HIPPA compliant technological service to ensure your confidentiality and security. Feel free to ask additional questions about this service during our phone consultation.

Psychological Evaluations

Understanding Current Functioning

Understanding your (or loved ones) current mental health state or intellectual functioning can make a huge difference in one's quality of life. Early intervention is key!

I am now offering general psychological, ADHD, and Autism evaluations for children and adults.

Contact me today to discuss how an evaluation may be specifically helpful towards addressing your concerns.


First Visit

Curious about what your first session may look like? Good for you! Whether it is your first time or you have had previous therapeutic experiences, entering into an unknown space with an unknown individual can be difficult and anxiety provoking.

In an effort to demystify the first meeting it is helpful to know what to expect. You can expect that we will spend approximately 55 minutes together where we will review my counseling policies, broadly discuss your background, factors contributing to your current concern, the impact of your current stressors, treatment goals, and the overall therapeutic process.  

Rest assured all of your questions and/or reservations will be addressed. The ultimate goal of the first session is for you to feel relieved and encouraged.

All additional sessions after the first appointment are 55 minutes in length.  

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Fee for Service


Self Pay​

  • Initial 10 Minute Phone Consultation: Free

  • Individual face-to-face and virtual counseling sessions: $120 per session.  

  • Psychological Evaluations: Phone Consultation required to determine service needs. Please call.

I am currently paneled with Capital Health Plan. Co payment is determined by your plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to self-pay?

There are many benefits to opting for self-pay counseling services. Consider the following points:

1. Increased privacy and confidentiality by not having to report to a third party insurance company about the nature of your therapy.

2. Self-pay allows you to self-determine your treatment timeline and prevent feeling controlled by your insurance providers coverage. 

3. Going through insurance will require a diagnosis. This diagnosis can be quite influential in future considerations for insurability such as life insurance or even future careers such as the armed forces/public safety.  

Self-pay is the way to go!

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Unfortunately I currently do not offer sliding scale rates at this time. However I am happy to discuss with you options such as bi-weekly or monthly appointments or even community referrals which may help reduce financial burden.

How long will I be in therapy?

The answer to this question is individualized and depends on many factors such as, but not limited to, severity of presenting issue(s), financial ability, and motivation and readiness for change. At various points in treatment, you and I will assess your growth towards your treatment goals which may help approximate the timeline for termination.

What is your scope of practice?

Young adults (18+), young Professionals, and Middle aged adults. At this time I am not servicing children, adolescents, couples, or families.

I am in crisis, who can I call now?

Emergency Services : Dial 911 if this is a life or death situation
Big Bend Crisis Services: Dial 211 (you can remain anonymous) 
National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK
National Crisis Text Line: Text Home to 741-741
Capital Regional Behavioral Health: 850-325-5757
Refuge House (sexual assault and domestic violence help): 850-681-2111

What if I plan to use my Capital Health Plan insurance for services?

Utilizing insurance for counseling services is a fairly easy process however we must first contact CHP to verify coverage, session limits, and your copay. I am happy to help you with this process.

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*Accepting new clients September 2020*