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Meet Our Team

With diverse expertise and a shared passion for mental health, we seek to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service and support.

Witney Talabert, Florida Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Tallahassee Psychology Group

Chika Hooper, Ph.D.

Dr. Chika Hooper is a State of Florida licensed psychologist born and raised in the beautiful capital city, Tallahassee, FL. She earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia and has many years of experience working with individuals in various clinical settings.

The culmination of these experiences has shaped her social justice and strengths-based lens. Dr. Hooper specializes in testing and evaluation for children and adults. Her enthusiasm lies in the power of assessment tools to reveal resilience, illuminate challenges, and provide a roadmap towards positive change.  She is passionate about helping parents and adults cultivate language to describe unique strengths and vulnerabilities, providing psychoeducation that empowers individuals to take supportive next steps in one’s journey, and helping treatment professionals achieve diagnostic clarity to foster appropriate intervention.

Witney Talabert, Florida Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Tallahassee Psychology Group
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Witney Talabert, M.S., Ed.S.

Witney is a first-generation Haitian-American born and raised in Miami, Florida. Witney received her Master's and Education Specialist degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Florida State University. 

Witney's training and experience in various mental health settings have prepared her to work with clients of all backgrounds. She has experience providing both individual and group counseling. She believes in providing a safe, nonjudgmental space for all individuals.


Witney helps clients achieve wellness by processing difficult emotions, implementing change, and providing support. She specializes in working with adults who are feeling challenged adjusting to stressful circumstances, anxiety symptoms, career and school stress, depression symptoms, relational difficulties, and self confidence. Witney utilizes a trauma informed and strengths based lens which clients experience as growth promoting, insight building, and life changing. 

Mwen la pou m kreye on espas ki genyen sekirite ak sipò, k ap kapab pèmèt ou grandi e geri. Mwen remèsye w dèske w konfye w nan mwen pou m ede w nan nouvo chimen sa.

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Maya Williams, M.S., Ed.S.

Maya is a Tallahassee native. Maya received her Master's and Education Specialist degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Florida State University. She is a pre-licensed clinician under the supervision of Dr. Chika Hooper. Maya has a multitude of training experiences that include psychiatric hospitals, testing, and trauma based private practices. She has had the privilege of working with clients of all backgrounds, identities, and presenting concerns. She believes in providing a safe and therapeutic environment for all of her clients. 


Maya’s primary approach to client work centers around mindfulness and trauma-informed interventions to facilitate processing traumatic experiences, exploring difficult emotions, and providing supportive guidance. She specializes in working with teenagers and emerging adults who may be feeling overwhelmed by symptoms of depression, anxiety, difficulty adjusting to shifts in life, and traumatic responses/triggers. Her approach seeks to enhance one’s self awareness and self confidence and transition into a progressive version of oneself.

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Our mission & values inform our approach

We believe in a holistic strengths based approach to mental health treatment.

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Empowerment Through Testing

Testing from a strengths-based lens involves recognizing and valuing the inherent abilities, talents, and positive traits that individuals with these conditions possess. Rather than focusing solely on deficits and challenges, this approach seeks to identify and leverage the strengths that can help individuals thrive in their daily lives.

Ultimately, testing from a strengths-based perspective seeks to shift the focus from limitations to potentials, fostering a more holistic understanding of the individual and paving the way for personalized strategies that celebrate their unique strengths.

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Whole Again Through Therapy

Your identity refers to the intricate connection between an individual's sense of self and their cultural background, encompassing beliefs, traditions, values, and practices that shape their worldview and place in society. Strengths-based trauma-informed counseling services approach healing and recovery by placing the individual's unique cultural and identity strengths and resiliences at the core of the therapeutic process.


This approach acknowledges that despite experiencing life defining stressors and/or trauma, individuals possess internal resources and capabilities that can guide their journey towards healing and growth.

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